Friday 9 September 2016

Cute Happy Dipawali Story

In this festival there is the muhurat ( auspicious time ) for Luxmi and Ganesha Poojan. People take utmost care to accomplish this ritual as it is the essence of Diwali. The jewellery along with other deities is also worshiped. Hymns are sung and mantras are chanted to please these deities of Prosperity and health. But this time hangs heavy for the children as their crackers start teasing them by now. They feel like leaving this worship in the lurch to do the most important work of Diwali, though they are not conscious as to how much damage they are doing to their own environment. After causing pollution, sorry I mean to say burning crackers, people take their dinner or people take their dinner before enjoying the fireworks or both the things go simultaneously.

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Story Of Happy Diwali :

Diwali is a festival of symbols. The festival is the symbol of joy, happiness and prosperity. This festival of lights is celebrated on Amavasya ( when the moon is invisible ). The darkness is the symbol of ignorance and evils of the world. The light is the symbol of enlightenment and prosperity. When light comes, the darkness disappears. When a person is enlightened, ignorance flees. When crackers are burnt, demons run away to save their lives. Cleanliness of houses symbolises cleansing of mind and heart. Very soon we shall add some more Diwali messages here. If some of our friends possess any good message and wish to share that with us, they are welcome here. For that use comment box below. In ancient times peoples celebrates Diwali festival very simple like in the morning they cleaned their houses later in the evening initially they worship the Gods and in night they dinner together with family and eat some sweet dishes which is made only for Diwali in homes. 

Top Story Of Dipawali :

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But nowadays Diwali means explosion of heavy crackers and enjoy artificial sweets which are made from chemicals. So both Cracker and Artificial Sweets will cause harm to environment and human body respectively. So this Diwali we take a pledge to avoid high cracker as much as we can and we will eat only sweet dishes which you can easily make in the home with no chemical.But in the later 19th Century, the definition of Diwali has been totally changed by the modern technology. Nowadays, Candles of Ghee has been replaced with electronic and electrical light which is cheaper, easily available in market and increase the glow of homes. 

Really Happy Diwali Story :

Diwali is one of the religious and oldest festivals of Hindu cultural and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. During ancient times, it is celebrated in different manner in which peoples decorate their houses with Rangoli and during the night they burn the candle of Ghee in each and every corner of home till next morning. Because Diwali Came on Full Moon Night, which is one of the dangerous night of whole year, in which soul of devil’s will alive and these candle will protects them.When we say Diwali festival is coming very soon that means now time to play with Crackers, Sweets, Rangoli etc. But at same time when you reaches the school then you find almost different environment where Diwali is celebrated in different manner such as by organizing Essay Competition, Speech/Topic on Diwali,Painting/Rangoli competition etc. between the students of various classes. And if you have also participated in Speech competition on Diwali, and finding best speech topic then you have to read the complete article where you’ll get precise and meaningful speech on same festival.